OMG, Charlie Sheen Is Reborn

We will able to see how the creativity has conjured a product looks good. The ideas always come up to those who find out what the right way to convey the single message to the audience. This is not a joke, this is a fact, a few days ago there was my friend replying to my opinion when I described about the creativity on tv’s ads

“I want to slap your brain, bro! what a good commercials!”

I laughed to him, not because of the opinion itself but he talked while he showed his armpit hairs to my face! That was a nightmare first! I won’t to forget for ever. Hope he can’t hear this.

Advertising campaign is designed to communicate for the existence of the products, it’s certainly we will need to involve an attractiveness, and of course a creativity. These stuffs are infectious, a living example of the advertising business with wild abandon, pursuing the heart of people.

I like the dutch in creativity, particularly when they were making a concept for tv’s ads. I have one of them, the brand’s Bavaria beer. They hired Charlie Sheen as the actor, I think it’s so smart then I got the feelings well, I was fortunate enough to see the commercial.

The commercial is entitled “Charlie Sheen is reborn” created by an advertising agency, Selmore Amsterdaam, Netherlands. Having a good time after to leave the rehab clinic always to be a dream for an alchohol addict. They drew a creative strategy into its client product through that path.

Charlie Sheen is well known for being a sex addict, drugs addict and alcohol addict. In this commercial by Bavaria, a Dutch beer brand, The storyline is telling of story about him after left the clinic. On his way home he sees all people drinking beer, a taxi driver, a pregnant woman and even some cops on duty!

Not many copywriting on this commercial, the conversation between he and the doctor is too short. They used the experience of Charlie Sheen on his way home to spread that Bavaria has 0.0% alchohol. The dutch made for an unusual and powerful sight that was hard to ignore. It was truly amazing creative.

We have seen relationships creativity and marketing through this commercial. Both sides get the same spot. Watching this commercial, as though the dutch want to share their own enlightenment, “keep constantly surprising the audience. Remember to use some of those creative ideas and giving them the best that drive their attention”

I’m sure cycling in every day it’s the key of the dutch creativity. Not only happiness or health, by cycling we are successfully having a thousand great ideas, we had even with freedom and liberty.

Moreover, I praised them, Selmore, yes I will say yes, I said yes. I think bavaria beer’s ad is a pinnacle moment from all of ideas taken for entertaining the audience.