If they were so great

I  expected  in early where I entered that  room  I  could see the  clowns  play their magic.  Some of them slung a queer glance into the empty hearts alongside the pot  has  broken  because one of son  kicked it  rapidly.

TAA – DAAH!!! We were actually given a sudden ceremonial   I seemed to be a silent  man when once they began to dance  by lifting their hands. Oh,  I see, I did not draw this  well and  I released  my eyes  moved  everywhere.

Among the people who danced there,  I thought  must  be an  inspiring  touch at  the  end of show. Bamboooooo or adakedubraakkkkkkk!

I can take my breath deeply and the story of what  will  they  do next, often they  drop  a thousand  happiness  to juxtapose themselves to the face of fairtales.  How much  balloons  can  you  fly out. If they were so great!

Wooo yooo,  let’s sleep better than the president did