Christo and Jean Claude

We always see the artworks through a perspective of beauty. On the other hand, we also appreciate it as a highest invention. Most people feel that the artworks’re coming to stick an artistic impression in the world. The artists have finished their works in response to the real situations. The Artworks really are compulsing ourselves to break the mind games. Perhaps, I am being a little foolish, and saying that  the mind games are going to be the common enemy. Art does its job, and we realize what it looks for. Both art and symbol never escape “statement – based story.”

Well, I am interested of Cristo and Jean Claude. The couple have  tirelessly showed their artworks off around the world. Those arworks  are valued as an environmental art. It is a part of the contemporary art. In my opinion, the aim is to comment social and cultural and environmental situations in the perspective of art context.  Cristo and Jean Claude spent of life in art field, creating an awesome artworks. And often controversy was the result to their artworks.

Cristo and Jean Claude met in October in 1958 when he was commisioned to paint a potrait of her mother, Precilda de Guillebon. The first collaboration Cristo and Jean Claude happenned in 1961. They covered barrels at the port of Cologne, German. In 1962, their tackled monumental project, Rideau de Fer (Iron Curtain), as a statement against the Berlin Wall. They blocked off Rue Viconti, a small street near the  River Seine, German. (

A symbol is always left in the artworks. It is  contributing a latent message. Those messages are  likely to influence people in another way tomorrow. I get carried away it, of course, that a symbol is the most important thing if we read the artworks by a short reflection. At present, we have passed many speculatations and discussions of symbol. In the west world a symbol was debated as the argumentation of signs, whereas in the third world a symbol was related as the ordinary subject of  social science. For example.

I think, the artworks of Cristo and Jean Claude symbolize the rumination of environmental conditions. They consider that environmental as the estuary, which give the best future for the earth.  Therefore, the best environmental as well as the best life. This  is clear that the artworks of Cristo and Jean Claude have conveyed the perspective for humanitarian mission based their own reflections. They are talking about the artworks in the power of fredoom.

Cristo and Jean Claude have put the great artworks at the certain locations. They embed the beauty of symbol at ports, parks, rivers, valleys, islands, and buildings, etc.  They wrap the locations by oil barrels, and a synthetic fabrics, and steels who were chosen according to their concept. The materials could be there for several times. Their artworks have become popular in public space. In short, the artworks are considered as a new of interest of public.  .

I am attempting to read their artworks again. This writing is triggered just to know how they are. A simply sense is not enough to read their artworks. We need more rethink next time. I just can stand between Cristo and Jean Claude, moreover. The larger question is how should I rethink for the artworks of Cristo and Jean claude keep exist in this century.