The woman walked on to the second floor. Afterward, she was stuck on the fourth ladderstep, very weary, and her gasp was low.  She wanted to address the lodgers. Her  feet are thin, her hands normally short. Then, her face is wrinkled, toothless, and her sight is really hazy. Sulastri Katsiran is well-known by  the neighbourhood. She is generally called “madame uban.” The back yard of her house has a narrow space, though, she has tried to adorn with the plants, such as chille, lilac, jasmine, and citrus.

She is a lodge owner. She leases three  rooms for male employees. The rent of the rooms are two hundred thousand rupiah a month.  If the lodgers  have electronic stuffs  they must pay twenty thousand again. She arrived in the first room. The door was written “the next idol”. The lodger  in the first room was Firdaus, unmarried. He worked twelve  hours a day as a security at the defrayal company. Madame uban was knocking loud his window, the strong reek of the refuse-barrels surrounding the lodge. Madame uban has 3 mutts, pipo, samy, and gendon.

“Us..Us..Us?, she called three times.

The lodgers were extremely irked with her loquaciousness. She often commanded them to clean the bathroom. She was like a step mother for poor children. She would throw a grumble if there were insects  marched inside the tub. They were also insisted to brush the latrine. Madam Uban’s husband is a pensioner in the navy. He has many wives. Sulastri Katsiran is fifth. Firdaus went out from his room, wearing a singlet and sarong.

“Us, I cooked a dozen pancakes,  I hope you’ll like it!”, she said.

“Oh how kind of you, thank you!”, he smiled.

“Where is Yahya, and Beno?”, she asked.

“Yahya is playing badminton at the sport hall in Seturan!”, he answered.

“Beno?” is he in the room?”, she replied.

“Beno’s visiting his uncle at the hotel!”, he answered.

“I’ve cooked these pancakes but they aren’t in their room!”, she said.

“Don’t be sad madam!”, he said.

“Anyway, your pancakes are so delicious and sweet!”, he said.

“Oh really? thanks. You’re so robust and brawny!”, she replied.

“Hihi..hii..hii!”, he smiled.

“May I come in to your room?” she asked with  enthusiasm.

I am trying to tell the closing of this story, but I can’t.