“Would you be my girlfriend?!” he asked.

Somewhere , four  in the afternoon, the rain was still on. Reza boiled of water on the pan in his kitchen. He wanted to make  two of glasses of coffee. He liked coffee rather than tea. According to Reza, coffee had an awful sensation. Coffee would make all people happy with no comments.   Curently, he acquired one package of lampung’s coffee from his aunt. His aunt was a swell of coffee farmer,  who had lived with  her pretty daughter aged nineteen years old, Lisa. Lisa would be sent to Netherland to enlist at majors of law at Leiden university. Reza agreed of his aunt own plan.

As soon as Reza poured the hot water into two of glasses, at the same time, adding a powder of coffee and spoonful of tea. He swirled faster and faster. The two of glasses of coffee were quiet on the table. When lips nudged at the edge of glass he remembered someone who sat on his bedroom, wearing a very bright dress which all cockroachs were glad to see.

“I am sorry, I’ve forgot!”, he interrupted.

“It’s yours”, he said, putting it on the table.

The blonde didn’t drink that coffee. Reza let herself to relax her muscles on his bed.

“You just smile, where is you love?, he asked.

“I don’t hear you answer yet!”, he said.

“I’d like to be you boyfriend?”, he asked, gesticulating with his short arms.

“I am handsome, and have many savings!” he told.

“Do you know, I fell in love with you at the first sight”, he said.

“This rain comes my passion up to you”, he said.

“I want to be with you for ever”, he said.

The phone rang abruptly. Reza came close to the phone, lighting his cigarette.

“Who’s speaking?”, he asked.

“This is your aunt!”, she said.

“Ohh hi!”, he answered.

“Oh boy, my airplane has landed at airport. I am in the waiting room, now. Pick me up!”, she informed.

“Oke wait for me, I’ll be there soon!”, he replied.

Reza flung the photograph of Ayu Ting Ting on the wooden antique table.