The night was so intense, and I was at the concert called pensi, held at a stadium, located in the heart of Jogja, which called The Kridosono, watching The Sigit. Many viewers were cheated with fake tickets, and immediately they raged, shouting in filthy words. I could hear the crowd inside bursting the furies. I looked a strange man in a dim suit extracted one of sixteen his cigarettes and regarded me suspiciously. Then, he went round the viewers.

I did not find other things were necessary after that. The band came out from a small room. They walked on to the stage, setting up their equipments.  The vocalist began to test a black microphone, addressing “halo kawan-kawan apa kabar, siap bergoyang bersama kami?” to the viewers, the viewers replied “yeaaahhh”.  The band, who were called  ‘youth doubt’ had the lead vocalist named Heru. He was also Shaggy Dog’s lead vocalist. I think,  the band actually arrange the song well but I  preferred not to follow more their songs.

The band played the second song, abruptly there were the notifications from a host which said that the committees did not allow youth doubt to play again. Youth doubt felt disappointed. This decision really made a hard yell. It was particularly for the lead vocalist, with tangly Jogjakartans gently cursing “ASU!.” I had never seen that incident, cursing on the stage before.

There was a pretty girl beside me. This girl, slim, black hair, oval faced, , and very friendly. She was  extremely  shocked by the incident. I tried to invite her attention with a warm greet. She was absolutely a nice person. We chatted each other, sharing our favorites band.  Oh yeah,  we both obviously liked rock n roll. She said that she collected the door’s albums and laid them inside a glass case so well. “Touch me” and “light my fire” were the best songs he had ever heard.

The time arrived, the Sigit came out of a smoke hank. The Sigit  are the great of Indonesian rock n roll, based in Bandung, West Java, well-known in USA, German, and Australia, and UK. Those guys are amazing, playing of music with an enormous spirit. The Sigit started with “black amplifier”. The lead vocalist was ranning his guitar out of a loud roar, and staring at the viewers in a short time. The concert seemed so festive.

The loud screaming part of the song began. They elated to all viewers during the concert. I left Icha alone and enlarged my desire to go to the crowd. She did not mind at all, I made my way through an immense of crowd. When I had arrived at the front of the main stage, I swung my hands to the lead vocalist. Most people were body-banging to anyone else but quite peacefully. Rock n roll sowed a shining light the night. All people were  chanting all lyrics so good. I took a brief drag from my cigarette while “horse” played.

The nightmare immediately came to surround the concert. Again, the host informed to all viewers a bad news. He announced to us that the concert was over. Oh god, The sigit just played five songs, for me, it was very morbid. The committees were  really annoying me and of course, we all, the viewers. The reason wasn’t clear. At last the concert stopped. The sound of rock n roll was gone, I had not even heard of “mosque” song,  an ironic. When I went out of stadium, I remembered Uwie, my new friend. I forgot to ask her phone number. I thought myself rather unlucky.