I don’t know how it can happen. I am trying to find the answer. Perhaps, he earns it when he thinks for simply things or with the slogan he may be assumes the tagline can attract the consumers.  In my opinion, in short, a slogan sprays brief words, and makes the consumers know a brand.

The max’s slogan pulls my desire up into the questions. I have a glance that the barber shop have paid attention for use of slogan. I have visited a number of barber shop in the town, and I have not found a unique slogan from their barber shops. But this one has a unique slogan, and the only  barber shop who wants to make an innovation for itself. The Max can be categorized into “the best of barber shop”. Fresher than the fresh ones.

All I know, many customers use the Max’s service. Most of them are students. They ask for a variated hair style to the staff. If we cut our hair at the max we will pay five thousand rupiah only. The  Max’s wall color was green, I also saw they put six chairs and six tables at the room. The room had four ventilators. Those ventilators were adhered in each wall. All staffs were very kind.

I like the max’s slogan, “Semacam tempat cukur”, it has encouraged myself to know more the development of word arts. The slogan setting of the Max is very interesting. Moreover, I notice, the Max throws  a trick of word on the slogan, that makes the consumers laugh when they read it. In fact, the Max ensures their consumers with the best service.

“Semacam Tempat Cukur” is amusing, it’s selling as well, I never stop to smile when I remember it. My salute goes to the Max’s copywriter.